Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneak Preview

I have lots of fun projects coming up in the next few weeks. One of my favorite projects is a "boo Thomas cake" for a sweet little three year old boy. His grandma is a friend of mine and said that his only request was "boo" and "Thomas". So, a BLUE Thomas theme it is! This is just a sneak preview of the topper and some embellishments that are drying.

I created a Thomas cake for my nephew last year and had a ball doing it. You can imagine my extreme depression when, after traveling with it in the back of the van for seven hours, Thomas fell apart. Yep, COMPLETELY apart. So...on the morning of the birthday party I was at Target buying up each and every pound cake they had in order to reconstruct Thomas. It turned out great and Joey was just as happy. However, I learned my lesson from that cake and decided to go a little different direction for this Thomas cake.

I have been inspired by an Etsy shop ( that sells fondant cake and cupcake toppers. Fondant isn't necessarily my favorite medium, but I use it when I need to. This particular Etsy shop makes adorable toppers that just sit on top of the cake and are incredibly cute. I decided to echo that idea with this cake, so I've created a 2 dimensional cake 'topper' that will sit on the top of a 9inch square cake. The 3 and the stars will adorn the sides of the buttercream cake. I'm excited to do the cake in this way so that it is cost-effective for the family AND it will make it to the Kansas City party in ONE PIECE! Pictures of the finished product will follow soon!

I'm also currently researching a Justin Bieber cake (I'm SOOO excited about my idea for that) and a cake inspired by the movie 'Tangled'. Can't wait to work on them both!

I'm equally thrilled to be working on a BRAND NEW cupcake flavor. Cupcakes, hands down, are my favorite thing to do, so creating the Zach Attack flavor will be a ball.

Finally, I'm starting to work on my Valentine orders. I got to deliver my first Valentines Day themed cookies today. Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday, so making people smile with my confectionary creations is a terrific way to celebrate the holiday! Have you placed YOUR holiday order yet? Don't be caught buying the tacky box of chocolates at Wal-Mart on the afternoon of the 14th!!!

Good eats,

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  1. did it again!! The Thomas cake is adorable and the valentine cookies make my mouth water...any left-overs for the week-end?? What in the world will you do for a Justin Bieber cake???Can't wait to see that one!!