Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthdays, Brides, and Business Licenses...OH MY!

This was one of my most fun creations to date...

this cake was for a very special lady who is turning 40! My dear friend has a sister with special needs who always requests a 'white cake with pink frosting'. For her fortieth, her family held a big soiree complete with gorgeous invitations, catering, and a BIG cake! I had so much fun designing this particular cake knowing that the woman who was to receive it had NO idea it was coming and would be so thrilled to see it!

The cake is all light pink buttercream with black royal icing accents. The pink ribbon is made to match the pink on the invitations. The black is a 'shout out' to 40, and is made out of fondant. This cake weighed a TON, so I hope it made it to and from it's location without incident! It's always a fear to send my creations out the door and hope they perform well for the clients! This order also had 36 super yummy cupcakes going out the door with it. I hope it was a yummy success!

I've been getting lots of calls from brides lately. When I first started the business I was dead set against having anything to do with weddings. As I've gotten more comfortable with my own skills and my product, I'm beginning to feel confident enough to take on weddings. Super Husband says, "Weddings scare the heck out of me!! You're a lot more brave than me!" Honestly, I'm not sure it's bravery or just a lust for creativity that leads me toward weddings! There are lots of hot trends in weddings these days. If you see an interesting idea for a wedding cake or a wedding cupcake tower, drop me a line and share it with me! I'm always looking for new and creative ways to make the day more special for the brides and grooms!

Finally, I've taken my last big 'leap' into being a REAL business! I have a MERCHANT'S LICENSE!! Whoo hoo!! I know it shouldn't sound as exciting as I'm making it sound, but it's a big deal! I can now legally charge sales tax and pay Missouri taxes! Well, wait, now that I think about it maybe having a merchant's license is NOT something to be excited about! Tee hee!

For anyone out there who is looking to start a home-based business, GO FOR IT! The book, Home-Based Business for Dummies has really helped me navigate the process. I'm now starting to really pursue advertising and other revenue generation streams. I'd love to chat with anyone else who is looking start a small business.

More creations to come!

Good eats,

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  1. Wow, Jill, that cake is absolutely amazing. What a creative idea! I love the expression on her face. I love the color scheme, too. You are an artist, that's for sure!!!!