Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Best Part of My 'Job'

You know you've found the perfect job when one of your employment requirements is bringing a smile to the faces of very special people. I had the opportunity to do just that, yet again, today.

This was today's big project and delivery

This cake was part of the celebration of Raymond and Eileen Seipel's 65th (yes, you read that correctly) wedding annivesary. Wow. 65 years. Raymond and Eileen are about the sweetest little couple you'll ever encounter and I was so incredibly thrilled to be a part of this big day for them. When Eileen's daughter-in-law called me to order the cake I asked her to ask Eileen about her wedding colors, etc. so that I could match the flowers. Eileen told her that she thought the flowers were white. I found these gorgeous Chrysanthemums at our floral shop and I was instantly in love with the starburst shape. I also loved the organic color of the green mums and was really excited to get to use those as an accent color.

I absolutely love creating cakes out of buttercream. It's like working on a canvas that's just ready to be painted. I really enjoy working hard to make sure that the buttercream is smooth and ready for whatever I choose to do to embellish it. Lately I've been very excited about intricate scrollwork on cakes and the elegant way that it compliments the cake. All of the buttercream on this cake is exactly the same color, but I love the texture and class that the scrollwork and beading provide. I can't wait to really practice this technique and possibly begin to incorporate it into cupcake toppers, as well.

I'm not sure what the secret is to 65 years but I'm sure, somehow, it involves cake!

Good eats,


  1. Jill, this cake (like everything you bake) is gorgeous! I'm so happy that you're enjoying what you're doing...and sharing your obvious talent for serving up baked love.

  2. Awww..thanks Sara! I take that as high praise from someone who so obviously knows beauty! Thanks for keeping up such a terrific blog of your own! I can't tell you how many things I've purchased based on your reccommendation! :)

  3. I got hungry just reading your blog!! Jill, you truly are doing what you are meant to do. More power to you!!