Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Cupcakes....need your input!

This week I have the opportunity to make a really special cake for a very special lady. My dear friend has a sister with special needs who is celebrating her 40th birthday this week. She's having a fancy party and needs fancy cupcakes and a fancy cake to go along with it! I'm very excited about making the three tiered pink 'fancy' cake for this special lady. Can't wait to show you the pictures of it all!

I'm doing lots of research lately on new cake techniques. I'm not sure I ever realized how much fun it is to research the melting points of pure buttercream versus buttercream/shortening blend...but it's important to know when you're working on wedding options for June! No one wants a melted wedding cake!!!

This week's experimental flavor is Das Sheeb (named after one of my 'sons' who insisted). 'Das Sheeb' will have chocolate butter cake and cookie dough combined and will also be the first cupcake I've ever shipped! Wish me luck!

The Girl Scout cookies have also come in this week so I'm looking to make some Girl Scout cookie inspired cupcake flavors. Tell me about YOUR favorite GS cookie flavor and perhaps it'll be made into the next cupcake!

Good Eats,

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