Friday, September 17, 2010

Worlds Colliding...ambulatory surgery, fondant, and a fun fest all in one day!

Nope, wasn't my surgery. It was for sweet Patrick. Sweet Patrick (the resident ten year-old athlete of the family) had a wide lesion excision (fancy way to say big ol' mole taken off) today on his sweet face. He survived his latest trek through the ambulatory surgery ward and managed to charm the anesthesiologist out of his scrub cap, the plastic surgeon out of his 'body pen' (a pen with ink that is safe to use on bodies, apparently), and the recovery nurse out of breakfast! I managed to charm a great chocolate chip cookie recipe conversation out of said nurse, and probably a $1500 bill!!

I'm also one of the chairs of the kids' school Family Fun Fest. It's a fantastic fundraiser and a really great time (well, at least it's a good excuse for some of us who are great friends to work on a project together...with booze!). Needless to say, I wasn't thinking well when I also agreed to make a friend's daughter's birthday cake today! AAAAACKKK!! SO...after returning home from surgery (around 11), making a quick trip to the Maryville mall (AKA Wal-Mart) for fondant, and setting up the fun fest, I am happy to report that as of 10:16pm CDT the cake in question is presently chilling in the fridge (move over broccoli...make room for six layers of buttercream, fondant, and fresh flowers). I think it looks fine, although I'm horrifically critical of my own work, and I think the birthday girl will dig it!

I came to the place of my posting inspiration (my bed) with the cord to the camera and no camera, and I'm far to lazy to cross the house again to get the camera. I assure you there will be pics of the latest church lady creation and the finalized cake tomorrow....I might even just throw in a pic of the Dermabond clad face of sweet Patrick!

Nighty night!

Good eats,

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