Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Julie and Julia? Nah...it's Jill and the Church Ladies!

Well, after being inspired to start a blog about a year ago, I went absolutely NOWHERE with it! So, today I'm inspired again to start blogging about my adventures with food as well as my adventures starting a home-based business! I'm very excited about launching 'Just Like Mom's'! Just Like Mom's Cupcakery and Cookie Bakery is a small bakery devoted to the pursuit of custom cupcakes and cookies, including our signature cookie delivery service. Kind of like a 'tuck in' service for college students, friends, etc. I'm just getting started with logos, price lists, etc. and can't wait to roll it all out! I'll take orders anytime, day or night, as I start to get the word out!

But, for now, my cooking conquest will be left to the 1993 St. Mary's Altar Society cookbook. After watching 'Julie and Julia' I'm inspired to cook through the whole darned church ladies cookbook! "Why this cookbook?", you ask. Well, I'm missing my mother-in-law lately and going back to her roots seemed like a logical place to start! So, look here for daily postings on the adventures of Jill and the Church Ladies and I'll keep you posted on the progress of Just Like Mom's, as well!

Good eats,


  1. Cupcakes are such happy food! So, why do I have tears in my eyes? Good luck to you, Jill, as you start your new business. Yum!

  2. all the best to u!and please keep going , like julie ;)