Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life's better with Mascarpone!

What do you get when you combine fresh strawberries with Mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar???????

My dear friend, (and new mommy), Meghan recently celebrated her birthday. I was asked to create a strawberry shortcake cupcake for Meg. These cupcakes smelled like pure Heaven. They were a vanilla crumbed cupcake filled with strawberry glace and chopped fresh strawberries. The topping was a Mascarpone and powdered sugar frosting with strawberry puree and fresh chopped strawberries. I topped the whole thing with a huge, fresh strawberry. DANG IT! I shouldn't have given up sweets for Lent. I hope this special cupcake for a special lady tasted as great as it looked!

This cupcake is not yet named. If you suggest a name and I choose it you will win a free dozen cupcakes, so suggest away!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mascarpone cheese. If you haven't tried it, think of a creamy combination of Ricotta and cream cheese. If you've ever had my very favorite dessert, Tiramisu, you've had Mascarpone. In Tiramisu, the Mascarpone may be infused with a bit of Espresso, but it's still Heavenly. You can fill cream puffs, cannolis, or even strawberry shortcake with Mascarpone. It seems to live up to its Italian heritage; decadent and delightful! Of course, I've never found anything Italian that I didn't like....well except for possibly the pig's feet I was once encouraged to eat by an Italian cook....that would NOT be made better with Mascarpone!

Good eats,


  1. Jill, they sound delicious and amazing! Can I nab the recipe from your brain?! I was just hoping for a fresh strawberry recipe to try earlier today :) I've never used mascarpone cheese before; you've inspired me!

    How about "Decadent Strawberry Mascarpone Cupcakes" for a name?!

  2. I have more than one idea for the cupcake name. Strawberry Field or Short-Strawberry-Cake (short little strawberry shortcake).

    -Megan F.

  3. I will take 47 of these yummies ASAP. And also? Kudos to you for giving up sweets...given what you do for a living!

  4. Jill,

    These look delicious! I am thinking
    Straw-Berried Treasures for a name.