Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Much to be Thankful For!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I'm not really sure there's anything much better than family. As an only child I always looked forward to the large family dinners we had with my mom's family in central Nebraska. We would gather and eat too much, laugh, and have fun with cousins. As I got older, my cousins (who were substantially older than I) moved on to their own lives and the family dinners changed. I missed those times tremendously until I had the opportunity to meet my husband's family.

The first time I met them I knew they were a bit like a Hooters slogan, "delightfully tacky, yet refined". They're all well-educated and intelligent, and yet they have a zest for slightly crude humor and laughter at each others' expense. However, you won't find a more loving, kind, committed, open-minded group of people anywhere. I feel so blessed to have them all as part of my life.

As I write this, 19 of them have descended upon my home. Most of us have changed into our 'holiday pants' and are enjoying the Oklahoma State/Oklahoma football game. There is also a contingent bathing the two adorable nephews from Minnesota who are awaiting the birth of their new baby brother or sister, there's an uncle blowing up air mattresses, and there are children making a hide-and-seek-in-the-dark game in our basement. There's a newly engaged 'aunt' and Uncle, and a grandfather who drove 2 hours after a day of traveling via airplane just to share a meal with his kiddos. It's the sound of family, and it's wonderful. As an only child I feel so fortunate to have married ALL of them, warts and all. They accept me (well, mostly) for exactly who I am and support the crazy endeavors I find! I love them all, as well as my Dad and Leslie who are awaiting our arrival in Florida, my Mom who is able to be here to share in this insane Baker feast, and of course all of my cousins and their beautiful families who are sharing the holidays far away from here.

All that family sleeping in my house has to eat, and EAT we have! In addition to the beignets, sausage croissants, dip, homemade egg nog, all matter of alcoholic beverages, cookies, turkey fixings, pies, cheesecakes, and 'foo foo' drinks, a new cupcake has emerged! Tomorrow I'll tell you all about it! For now, enjoy this adorable view of the current baby of the family enjoying the latest flavor.

Many thanks to YOU, faithful blog readers!

Good eats,

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