Monday, November 15, 2010

Baking's a HOOT!

First and foremost....I promised you pretzely goodness and you shall receive! This......

is the new 'baby' that joined the Just Like Mom's family this week! This yet-unnamed cup of yummy goodness is chocolate butter cake filled with caramel, topped with peanut butter buttercream and crusted with pretzels. HEAVEN! If you've ever had a Take 5 candy bar and LOVED it this cupcake is FOR YOU! It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It's sure to become a fan favorite!

I had a hoot of a time baking a first birthday extravaganza for my ADORABLE neighbor, Ryan. She had an owl themed first birthday party that was, hands-down, the most adorable first birthday party I've ever attended! Here are the goodies from her soiree!

This is Ryan's 'smash' cake, or the little cake she got to tear into! Aren't first birthdays awesome! After you turn one no one allows you to just smash your face and fingers into anything! Perhaps we should change that and allow any and all birthday guests of honor to defame their cakes. I'll contact Congress!

Another view of Ryan's smash cake.

This was Ryan's 'big' cake that was used to serve. I am really pleased with the color combinations on this cake. It turned out beahooootiful!

This was my favorite part of the entire creative process! I had SO much fun creating these owl cookies. I absolutely love what royal icing allows me to do with cookies. What fun. I'm thinking about just baking these up for myself on some dreary winter afternoon. Don't they just make you feel compelled to smile?

I also got to have some cupcake love for this party. These are simple white cupcakes with fondant owl toppers and pink and pale green frosting. Yum-o!

I, of course, had to include a picture of my Avery with her namesake Ryan Avery. Don't you just want to squeeze their cheeks! What cuties! I'm sure someday Avery will be teaching Ryan how to sneak out of the house. For now, at least' we can just revel in their cuteness!

Another birthday boy, Merritt, celebrated his 16th birthday this week with a Butterfinger themed cupcake. The 'Nobody Betta Lay a Finga' cupcake is dedicated to Mr. Merritt! This cupcake is a chocolate buttercake filled with Butterfinger filling and topped with ganache and a Butterfinger bar!

I thought I'd take a picture of the inside so you can see just how far the cupcakes are filled. None of this frilly 1/2 full stuff! These are cupcakes for REAL people! Fill 'em up!

Finally, Miss Bailey was also celebrating her 16th birthday! She requested 'girlie' pink Pride O' The Bride cupcakes and some fun basketball cookies for her fellow Spoofhounds (hence the pawprint on each basketball).

This week will be a baking frenzy. I have 600 cupcakes to make, one scotcharoo sculpture, and at least 200 cookies. Whew! Luckily my mom has agreed to come in and act as a reinforcement sous chef. I'm thinking that the payment will be in wine!

Good eats,

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