Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new blogging view....

Wow. What creative and amazing friends I have. I have just spent the better part of the day with my dear friend, Amy, doing a redesign on my den. WOW, WOW, WOW!! I tell my uber creative friends, Sonja and Amy, repeatedly that I'm their go-to girl for food art, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of making my home look beautiful it's up to them! I generally have pretty decent 'Pottery Barn-meets yard sale- meets Target' styling ability, but those little design touches that make a room fantastic have to come from my lovely decorator friends! Amy got the 'privilege' of doing this re-design and Sonja will be called upon next week for the re-working of a wall in the living room! How great is my life that I GET to alternate between two such amazing people!

It's amazing how people like Amy and Sonja can take things I already have, rearrange them, and make them look lovely. I have LOVED my red walls (red is my very favorite color) since we painted them two years ago, but I didn't think my arrangement of furniture did the color justice. Now, I love it even more. The only things I added to this room were Sonja's cast-off black computer armoire, a few plants, two floating shelves, and cubbies for the business files....voila!

I am happy to report that I can now use my laptop at my den desk rather than having the desktop computer take up the desk. It's a much more inspiring view to work in a beautiful room, surrounded by lovely things, than it is to blog on the kitchen counter (not that that's not an inspiration in itself), or hunched over the laptop in bed (again, not the kind of inspiration I probably want in the bedroom!)

So, perhaps the posts will come more frequently when typed from my new view and perhaps they'll even be more well-written and witty than they have been in the past!

Tomorrow I'm going to show you some fantastic pictures of Halloween cookies that I'm creating for my 'special' trick or treaters!

For now....

Good eats,

PS...Not sure Super Husband was thrilled about being photographed in his exercise clothes, but as long as I wasn't disturbing the reading of Flying magazine, all was good!

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